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Disabled used as cure for AIDS

Disabled persons are being forced into sex as a cure for HIV/AIDS in Malawi, a respected news agency – AfricanNews has reported. This has put the lives of most disabled in danger as they go about their normal duties. The Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS of the President of Malawi alleged that it was dismayed with the number of complaints being received from the disabled that HIV positive patients are raping them as a cure for their ailment.
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Guinea-Bissau: No senseless coup

For how long would Africa continue to be called “the dark continent?” As long as senseless and childish criminals in security uniforms would forever think that the only way to come to power is through bloodbath.
Just this weekend, a group of bandits tried to topple the government of Guinea-Bissau when they attacked the residence of President Joao Bernardo Vieira. After that useless three-hour battle a loyal body guard of the president died in cold blood. If they had succeeded with their dastardly and illegal act Africa would have woken up with yet another senseless coup d’etat.
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Africa’s ‘silly’ old man

old-manA frail looking old man is playing on the keyboard of his people’s emotions. This octogenarian is holding an entire country to ransom. He has turned the entire sovereign State’s constitution upside down. His source of joy is to see his people wailing.

Nothing is working in this country that was once described as a “Beacon of Hope.” People are hungry and cannot get food to eat, they are thirsty and do not have access to clean drinking water. Women and children get sick and cannot see the doctors.

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“I’ll transform Ghana”

kwesi_amoafoGhana is to go through radical transformation that would bring a lot of high paying jobs, the only serious independent presidential candidate in the upcoming elections has promised. Kwesi Amoafo-Yeboah, a successful entrepreneur hopes to occupy the number one position of West Africa’s peaceful nation after its December 7 polls.

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Ghana must make a difference

candidates1Ghana goes to the polls to elect a new president on the 7th of December 2008. She remains the surest and only hope for Africa as others that went through similar exercise early this year failed to impress.  As the safest and peaceful country in West Africa, Ghanaians cannot afford to gamble with their enviable democracy. Already, tension is mounting in some parts of the country specifically the central and northern parts.

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Struggles of a Zimbabwean journalist

Press freedom in Zimbabwe is a very serious situation, Reporters Without Borders concluded in their 2007 country report. The government of Robert Mugabe has shut down independent newspapers. Radio signals from outside the country have been jammed. Internet is slow and not reliable. Inflation is skyrocketing.
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November 2008

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