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Africa mourns Michael Jackson

How I covered Jackson’s death for my news network:

Michael was hailed throughout the world

Michael was hailed throughout the world

Africa joins the rest of the world to mourn the sudden death of the King of Pop – Michael Jackson. Reports reaching AfricaNews editorial desk indicate that Jackson’s death was the major news item featured on most radio and television stations across Africa and on the front pages of top newspapers. The major headline of Nigeria’s politically dominated newspaper, This Day, said: “Africa: Grief Across the World As Michael Jackson Dies”, while Ghana’s politically oriented private newspaper – the Daily Guide – cast their headline thus: “Michael Jackson is Dead.” Continue reading ‘Africa mourns Michael Jackson’

Twitter aids in spreading falsehood

Breaking tweets has been instrumental on Iran

Breaking tweets has been instrumental on Iran

Social networking websites are fast becoming the backbones of the new media. Twitter has over the years proven to be a “good” source of news from locals and not only feeds from mainstream media houses. The skirmishes surrounding the just held elections in Iran has whipped up a lot of interest in the use of Twitter if not doubled it users. Most of the news updates I am getting from Tehran in Iran are from twitter followers – some directly on the ground and others monitoring from other media sources. Continue reading ‘Twitter aids in spreading falsehood’

Join the discussion on Manipulated Facts

The advent of the New Media has made it possible for any news to spread around the world at top speed. And it is at least as badly protected against manipulation and hoaxes as print media. Continue reading ‘Join the discussion on Manipulated Facts’

Same script but different casts

Today I’ll shift focus to local political happenings in West African country of Ghana. Freedom of speech has now grown wings – which is good for a fledgling democracy. But certain government functionaries and security operatives are “misbehaving” as if there is no rule in this country where US President Barack Obama has opted to visit against the likes of South Africa and Botswana just to name a few. Continue reading ‘Same script but different casts’

Samsung unveils solar mobile

The new samsung solar mobile in town

The new samsung solar mobile in town

A solar powered mobile phone – E1107 Crest Solar candybar – has been launched among the Samsung series. Though the manufacturers have not disclosed when it would be available in Africa they said the low-end phone is targeted at emerging markets.

“The handset has a 800 mAh battery that can be charged in the usual way, as well as thanks to the solar panel featured on the back case. Samsung said that 1 hour under the sun can provide 5 to 10 minutes of extra talk-time,” reported Continue reading ‘Samsung unveils solar mobile’

Can you live without a mobile phone?

Mobile phones come in different shapes and sizes

Mobile phones come in different shapes and sizes

Mobile phones are no longer a preserve for the elite class in society. Almost everyone owns one (in Ghana even the poor has two or more). Cell phones are now part of people’s lives. Life without a mobile phone is like life without oxygen, an electrical appliance without electricity, the world without light or a football match without a ball. Continue reading ‘Can you live without a mobile phone?’

Climate change kills 300,000 world wide

Climate change accounts for over 300,000 deaths world wide, the equivalent of an Indian Ocean Tsunami yearly, a report said. The report launched by Kofi Annan, President of the Global Humanitarian Forum, in London said economic losses due to climate change amount to over $125 billion annually. Continue reading ‘Climate change kills 300,000 world wide’

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