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Is Ghana serious?

Events happening in one of West African’s most peaceful countries make me think that country is not and would never be serious. The new administration since the beginning of 2009 has occupied itself chasing state vehicles alleged to have been stolen or hidden by functionaries and appointees of the previous administration.
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Africa, paying for the “sins” of the rich

It is often said that when America sneezes, Africa catches flu. The credit/economic crunch in America and later in Europe started as an isolated case. However, Africa – an innocent bystander – is feeling the pinch and heat. Latest report released by ActionAid said the financial crisis and global recession will see African economies lose up to $49bn by the end of this year.
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Financial crisis crumpling Ghana newspapers

Daily Graphic is well resourced in Ghana

Daily Graphic is well resourced in Ghana

The newspaper industry in Ghana is being buffeted by an array of challenging forces ranging from changing trends in advertising, rising costs due to the worldwide financial crisis to a decline in circulation arising from economic constraints facing newspaper readers. In a distressing case, the country’s highest circulated private newspaper, The Accra Daily Mail, has been forced to cut down on printing and has not appeared in newsstands since January. Continue reading ‘Financial crisis crumpling Ghana newspapers’

Newspapers dying, online media triumphs

Hardly a day passes without coming across these phrases – Economic Crunch, (Global) Financial Crisis and Economic Recession. Simply put, the world is going through difficult times than it used to be a decade back. The most hit are the automobile and financial institutions. However, the institution – media – that reports on the issue is itself being hit more than expected. Newspapers worldwide are winding up at a time when bad news must sell.

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