Guinea-Bissau: No senseless coup

For how long would Africa continue to be called “the dark continent?” As long as senseless and childish criminals in security uniforms would forever think that the only way to come to power is through bloodbath.
Just this weekend, a group of bandits tried to topple the government of Guinea-Bissau when they attacked the residence of President Joao Bernardo Vieira. After that useless three-hour battle a loyal body guard of the president died in cold blood. If they had succeeded with their dastardly and illegal act Africa would have woken up with yet another senseless coup d’etat.

When the Western world is busily occupied with finding business opportunities and how to breakthrough in the area of technology, Africa continues to engage in fruitless activities on the path of retrogression. We always want to find solution through wars and useless power struggles. Sometimes our behaviour is slightly better than animals. No wonder Tony Blair – one time prime minister of Great Britain – in October 2001 described this naturally endowed continent as “a scar on the conscience of the world.

In this modern era of civilization, words like coup d’etat, war, conflicts and related barbaric acts should be expunged from the African vocabulary. We should be thinking inventions, development, unity, peace, good governance, information technology among others to catch up with the rest of the world.

This is not the time to add more sorrows to our countless problems Guinea Bissau. Let us enjoy the relatively stable peace we are experiencing now in West Africa in general and Africa in particular. Generally speaking, Africa has always provided problems for the world to solve and not solutions to world problems. We need to move away from this syndrome and become enviable icons. The surest means to quickly achieve that is to purge ourselves from senseless coups and civil wars.


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  1. 1 November 24, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    Africa, Africa, what is wrong with you why cant you seem to stay out of trouble, every time i turn, on the news or read the newspaper i here about you in a negative way, how can i help you, why must you fight, why must, you give away your valuable things to those who are rich, after reading your blogg, i thought i would leave this note, what happned Guinea-Bissau has happned before, most recently in Maurtania, for the 5 time may i add, (why) why cant people just get along why are so many people power hungry, i mean look at Zimbawaye, and Kenya, i just dont understand, I affraid to go back to you Africa, its time for a change, we need leaders that will unite people not devided them, I here the AU wants to give you a single currency by 2035, i here some power countires want to bulid army bases and jails on your land. …………….. war most stop, hunger most stop, greed for power must end.

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