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Newspapers dying, online media triumphs

Hardly a day passes without coming across these phrases – Economic Crunch, (Global) Financial Crisis and Economic Recession. Simply put, the world is going through difficult times than it used to be a decade back. The most hit are the automobile and financial institutions. However, the institution – media – that reports on the issue is itself being hit more than expected. Newspapers worldwide are winding up at a time when bad news must sell.

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Is ECOWAS relevant?

As an alumnus of the large family network of the International Institute for Journalism (IIJ) based in Germany, I had the chance to meet the participants of the just ended ECOWAS reporting course in Accra, Ghana. Continue reading ‘Is ECOWAS relevant?’

Ghana: God takes over shops

In Ghana it is very common to see the name of God, Allah and Jesus conspicuously in the naming of small wayside businesses – cosmetic, lotto, salon, barbering shops and drinking spots – and even in inscriptions on vehicles in town.

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Political chicanery or firmness

Prof. Atta-Mills during his campaign days

Prof. Atta-Mills during his campaign days

Guys generally impress their new girl friends to create a lasting impression. They do so to give their ladies a sense of security around them. Some men truly stick to their first impression while others show their “true colours” after the ladies had given out all their hearts. Politicians in general are proponents of this relationship scenario and most of them end up “breaking the hearts of their lovers (electorates).”   Continue reading ‘Political chicanery or firmness’

Africa: What is our needs and wants?

Some eight years back, I was thought in senior secondary school that in life there are needs and wants. I never understood this simple life guiding theory until I started working and began taking care of myself. Suddenly, all my useless lavish spending halted and naturally developed the art of savings.
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