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Same script but different casts

Today I’ll shift focus to local political happenings in West African country of Ghana. Freedom of speech has now grown wings – which is good for a fledgling democracy. But certain government functionaries and security operatives are “misbehaving” as if there is no rule in this country where US President Barack Obama has opted to visit against the likes of South Africa and Botswana just to name a few. Continue reading ‘Same script but different casts’

Political chicanery or firmness

Prof. Atta-Mills during his campaign days

Prof. Atta-Mills during his campaign days

Guys generally impress their new girl friends to create a lasting impression. They do so to give their ladies a sense of security around them. Some men truly stick to their first impression while others show their “true colours” after the ladies had given out all their hearts. Politicians in general are proponents of this relationship scenario and most of them end up “breaking the hearts of their lovers (electorates).”   Continue reading ‘Political chicanery or firmness’

Rawlings, give us a break

Rawlings (coloured) with Kufuor (background)

Rawlings (front) with Kufuor (background)

After almost 19 years in political power – a mixture of brutal military and democratic rule – Ex-president J.J. Rawlings of Ghana is still not tired with politics. One may expect him to quietly remain in retirement and give tips and wise counsels to his ally and now president John Atta-Mills in the background. But the man is still ranting and putting all sort of unnecessary pressures on the new president. Continue reading ‘Rawlings, give us a break’

Why I want to rule Ghana too

Ghana's presidential convoy on display

Ghana's presidential convoy on display

After reading the news report below tell me if I am making the wrong decision to become Ghana’s next president in 2013.

Ghana is rewarding its former president with a grandeur retirement package that is already raising serious concerns in the West African country. The presidential committee on emolument recommended a lavish living for ex-president John Kufuor, who stepped down voluntarily on January 7 2009.
Continue reading ‘Why I want to rule Ghana too’

Ghana: Ex-president Rawlings’ rants


Ex-President Rawlings

Ex-President Rawlings

Former president J.J Rawlings is not happy his ally and incumbent Atta-Mills ordered local government officials of the past NPP regime to remain at post pending new appointments. He said there is no room for diplomacy because Kufuor booted his men out “like criminals” after handing over in 2001. Continue reading ‘Ghana: Ex-president Rawlings’ rants’

Ghana: Public expectations of new government

This short video captures the mood of Ghanaians after the swearing-in of new president John Evans Atta-Mills and what they expect from him.


Video credit: AfricaNews

Ghana: New President Takes Office

President Atta-Mills takes office

President Atta-Mills takes office

Ghana’s new president Professor John Evans Atta-Mills has been sworn-in and he calls on all Ghanaians to unite for a prosperous future. He said the dawn of a new era has come for a new direction. “We are changing to move forward,” the new president assured the teeming crowd amidst thunderous applause.
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