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The gods of African football – Do they listen to prayers?

The stadium is packed. Tension grips the air. The atmosphere tingles with excitement. The camera turns to one side of the arena and there is a huge man with a protruding belly fully dressed in African regalia. Both hands are aloft with live fowls. He looks to be in a trance as he paces back and forth, left and right and keeps chanting silently, words no one can understand. Continue reading ‘The gods of African football – Do they listen to prayers?’

Africa: What is our needs and wants?

Some eight years back, I was thought in senior secondary school that in life there are needs and wants. I never understood this simple life guiding theory until I started working and began taking care of myself. Suddenly, all my useless lavish spending halted and naturally developed the art of savings.
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Disabled used as cure for AIDS

Disabled persons are being forced into sex as a cure for HIV/AIDS in Malawi, a respected news agency – AfricanNews has reported. This has put the lives of most disabled in danger as they go about their normal duties. The Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS of the President of Malawi alleged that it was dismayed with the number of complaints being received from the disabled that HIV positive patients are raping them as a cure for their ailment.
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July 2020

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