Africa’s ‘silly’ old man

old-manA frail looking old man is playing on the keyboard of his people’s emotions. This octogenarian is holding an entire country to ransom. He has turned the entire sovereign State’s constitution upside down. His source of joy is to see his people wailing.

Nothing is working in this country that was once described as a “Beacon of Hope.” People are hungry and cannot get food to eat, they are thirsty and do not have access to clean drinking water. Women and children get sick and cannot see the doctors.

The healthcare system has broken down. The hospitals and clinics are in coma. People are admitted at the hospitals with no doctor to take care of them. In situations where medicines are prescribed people cannot afford to buy.

The economy of this silly old man’s country is in total mess. Its inflation hits the nostrils of heaven and it is the highest ever recorded in this mortal world. People have money and cannot afford to buy anything. Its currency has lost its weight. It is even struggling to stagger. One needs a whole luggage of money to afford simple meal.

The deplorable situation has forced dozens of decent females to go into prostitution in neighbouring countries. Young ladies are struggling and competing with their mothers in the dark alleys to sell their naked bodies to survive. For them sex is their surest means of survival.

Once hailed as a hero, this old man has lost the respect of many world leaders. He is refusing to leave power peacefully and bent on going to his grave with his country on fire. He is just wasting everybody’s time with peace talks here and there. He has lost control of management but he is stubbornly refusing to hand over to an energetic and brilliant fresh blood. In Ghana we call such childish people “Konongo Kaya” – People who can’t manage something and at the same time refuse others the chance to handle.

He is just behaving like a typical uneducated African who sees nothing good in today’s younger generation. Surprisingly, the so called educated African elders and leaders around him are refusing to inject a chloroquine of sense into his archaic way of thinking. This is sad! For how long would the people of this former British colony continue to suffer? For how long would we sit on the fence and see this old man torture his own people in their own backyard? For how long would we remain mute instead of telling this old man that he should stop behaving like a child?

A Ghanaian proverb says that “If you play with the dog too much it licks your lips.” It simply means an adult who does not respect him or herself always get insulted by children. This is how this old man has reduced himself to. So far as he refuses to allow his people to sleep peacefully he would also not sleep. Who the cup fit let him wear it!


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